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At the primary level an emphasis is made on teaching students the process of learning so that they gain not only knowledge but also an understanding of the process as well as their own individual learning style. A student-focused approach to English, Math, Science and Social Studies is rigorous, yet fosters a lifelong passion for knowledge through engaging instruction and experiential learning.

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our students says

Hear what our students have to say about their experience of Xavier International

My favorite place in school is the library. It has so many books, and it’s fun to read them

Nischal Chaulagain Grade III

I always try my best in class because my school helps me learn lots of cool things and I want to make them proud.

Shyaron Basnet Grade II

I love playing futsal and basketball because they make me feel like a superhero! I get to run really fast, kick the ball super hard.

Kalzang Sherpa Grade IV

Empowering Lives, Ensuring Futures

Entrust your future to us, trusting us is trusting in yourselves.