Distinction in sport

At Xavier International, we understand the importance of healthy competition and recognize the vital role it plays in fostering growth and resilience, creating a platform where winners shine. Our solid foundation is committed to nurturing skills and honing winning potential. Beyond victories, we believe in cultivating a spirit of sportsmanship and tenacity.

our students says

Hear what our students have to say about their experience of Xavier International

Thanks to Xavier, I finally learned how to swim, and that's something I always wanted to do. Plus, they've got loads of other cool stuff to try out too, so you're bound to find something you love!

Avineet Prasai Grade IX

The teachers are super friendly and make every subject fun. There are even tons of cool clubs like swimming and basketball! Diamond makes learning exciting, inside the classroom and out!

Aagaman Dahal Grade VIII

I used to be quite reserved and had a hard time talking to others, but being at Xavier has helped me so much! I’ve become more confident and now I enjoy chatting.

Smarika Khadka Grade IX

Empowering Lives, Ensuring Futures

Entrust your future to us, trusting us is trusting in yourselves.